It is with great effort that Les Portes du Désert tries to keep a unique atmosphere, all this to satisfy its customers. The hotel is decorated with care, mixing Arab, Andalusian and European styles, especially in terms of comfort.

Although we have managed to create a special atmosphere in our hotel, the location itself already offers a good and unique atmosphere. Imagine yourself having dinner on the terrace, while enjoying a beautiful sunset with a view of the Great Dune of Merzouga. The Sahara will provide you with great experiences.

The Hotel

The management of the hotel is Franco-Spanish-Moroccan, which allows two visions and two different ways of working: European quality service combined with a traditional Saharan establishment.

The hotel is located next to the dunes and you can enjoy the view from the terrace, but also its unique decorations. Les Portes du Désert is, without doubt, a place not to be missed.


The Sahara is a vast desert, in fact, the largest in the world. The dunes of Erg Chebbi form an oval pile of dark orange sand that rises from the great Hamada, which is a plain of volcanic cobalt.

The characteristic that makes Erg Chebbi a unique place is the dark orange color of its sand, different from that of other deserts, rather golden brown. During the sunrises and sunsets, the spectacle that is offered to you will be unique.